Current Giveaways:
25$ Paypal
Shiba Points Jackpot (25,000)

All winners will be contacted to claim their prize within 48 hours.
If the winner does not claim the prize -- another winner will be selected.

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Domains will be delivered by account to account push or auth code when available.

ShibaPoints are used for vanity items and sticky posts on the ShibaNetwork.

You can earn them for free, purchase them, or participate in giveaways for more points.
ShibaPoints have no monetary trade-in value.
You need to have a free account to receive ShibaPoints.

Winners will be listed on a seperate section of the website -- you may choose to use a username or alternate identity to display.

Or will display "anonymous" upon request.
Otherwise we will list the winner with the majority of your email censored.

More giveaways coming soon!