Step 1

A domain purchase or sale agreement is reached.

OPTION 1 ( Email / Other medium )
Hold the discussion of domain transfer by email ( view eachother's profile to obtain contact information ).
> Trade is completed
> Ends at Step 1

OPTION 2 ( Guided Trade):
> Type @doggo in the sales post

> Follow the mention by the word "sale".

EX. "@doggo sale"

> Proceed to Step 2

Step 2

> We create a private group for the transaction ASAP. ( This is manually done and will be done as soon as possible by the Administration. )

> We will ask if you would like for us to assist you in your purchase or sale at no cost.
> Offering transfer advice / instructions for new domainers.

> If there is no request for such assistance -- we will exit the private group after it is created to ensure privacy for the sale between buyer / seller. 
While we still retain access to the group conversations -- all conversations after we leave will be unmoderated unless the Admin is personally requested.

> Proceeed to Step 3

Step 3

> Trade is completed

> We will dissolve the group after trade conclusion.

> Anyone who commits a marketplace violation ( faithless bidding / schill bidding / bad trade ) will be removed from the network if trade is determined to be in bad faith.

Have an issue with a trade on

Please contact: